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CIRI, as an independent institute for clinical R&D, specialized in rheumatology and immunology, offers services that extend well beyond the treatment and care of study patients:

  • CIRI provides expert advice on the identification of the most suitable target indication and population for an investigational product
  • CIRI co-ordinates and supervises investigations into the modes of action of new therapeutic principles across the different disciplines within the biomedical and clinical science faculties of the Goethe University
  • CIRI develops compound- and target-optimized study protocols drawing on the specialized expertise available in the field of rheumatology and immunology
  • CIRI prepares suitable Case Report Forms (CRFs) in close cooperation with the “Clinical Study Centre Rhine/Main (KSRM)”
  • CIRI offers services for a timely review of study protocols by the ethics committee of the Medical Faculty at Goethe University
  • Combining academic know-how with health care competence, CIRI efficiently implements clinical development through Phases I to IV
  • CIRI co-ordinates the “Rheumatology Network for Clinical Trials” NESTRA, which offers a platform for investigator-initiated studies (IITs) throughout Germany
  • Study data are analysed, interpreted and submitted for publication utilizing the long experience of the CIRI team in basic research as well as in clinical R&D