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CIRI is an independent institute for clinical research and development focused on rheumatic and other immune-mediated diseases. CIRI is based in Frankfurt am Main at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Campus Niederrad. The institute carries out clinical research and drug development in close collaboration with the Goethe University.

CIRI is a QMS-certified centre for clinical R&D that links optimized patient safety with the highest possible data quality in all phases of drug development, to acquire greater understanding of the safety and efficacy of new compounds.

CIRI carries out all clinical phases of drug development (Phase I: “first in patient” to Phase IV), for therapeutic purposes as well as diagnostic and prognostic biomarker programs. CIRI is committed to the following major principles:
Patient safety is a priority, and the quality of the data generated in studies on new compounds or diagnostic principles must be high enough to provide an optimal interpretation.

Therefore, CIRI works as a partner to the patient and guarantees the highest safety standards in the implementation and conduct of clinical trials. CIRI also offers to patients with rheumatic and immune-mediated diseases early access to diagnostic and therapeutic innovations through participation in clinical trials.

Working together with pharmaceutical and biotech clients, CIRI carries out clinical trials in strict compliance with international guidelines and all regulatory standards in a centre certified for quality (ISO 9001:2008). CIRI uniquely combines excellence in clinical research with high potential for patient-recruitment by linking academic research expertise with outstanding patient care.